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Uzbekistan – a country of a very special atmosphere

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Uzbekistan – a land of sun and warm. Here more than 300 days a year you can enjoy the bright sunny sky in the daytime and velvet starry linen at night. In Uzbekistan, the sun's heat is intertwined with the warmth and hospitality of human souls; that is why every cell of the body feels the powerful synergy of kindness and comfort. To understand what a guest is in the Uzbek house, it is possible only sitting at a table set in your honor.

Uzbekistan is a state of ancient history and culture of more than 25 centuries, with the legendary fairy-tale cities of Khiva, Samarkand, Bukhara, and its capital - grain-raising city of Tashkent.

You can start the journey to Uzbekistan from Khiva. Khiva - is a spiritual and cultural center of so-called Khorezm oasis. Khorezm - ancient powerful state, one of the main players in the Asian arena. Here ancient Persians, Arabs, Turks, and Mongols reigned. Khorezm oasis is the island of life in the midst of the fiery sands of the Karakum and Kyzylkum deserts.

In the center of Khiva there is the old town - a luxurious line of monuments of religious eastern architecture: Palace Tash khauli, Minaret Kalta and the madrassah of Mukhammad Aminkhan, Juma mosque, the mausoleum of Pakhlavan Makhmud, Muhammad Rahimkhan madrassah, the madrassah and minaret of Islam Khodja.

Khiva now is a small and quiet masterpiece full of crafts and traditions. Monuments of the past complement living history - the manufacture of interior items made of natural materials on the street.

At night in Khiva there is a very special atmosphere. Tourists and locals differ on hotels and houses and the ancient city motionlessly comes to a standstill in illumination light. Time of oriental fairy tales and fantasy start; and already nothing can disturb its smooth, seductive move.

Bukhara - the famous caravanserai of the Silk Road. Being one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, for more than 2500 years it has been taking strangers. Today we can enter into its limits.

This charismatic city breathes the magic of the ancient East: ornaments, mosaics, arches, bazaars, friendly locals.

Bukhara is a city of traditions. You will look at how to bake bread, how artisans work. You will also visit the residence of the Emir of Bukhara and look at Afshona town, the birthplace of the great medieval philosopher and physician Ibn Sina.

Uzbekistan – a country of a very special atmosphere Neighborhood of great monuments with simple residential areas shakes. From the cozy courtyard, where you are invited by good-natured hosts to drink tea, there is an overlook for magnificent mosques, slender minarets and masterly mosaic.

Crafts are worthy of particular attention. Up till now local people are engaged in embroidery and weaving. The result of the work of local masters - all riot of colors of the East on the luxurious carpets.

Many without doubt have heard of the famous Bukharian Jewish diaspora. The city attracted Jews who successfully traded on the rich bazaars of the capital. But several families stayed in the city and to this day the synagogue and the religious Jewish school Yeshiva are functioning here. The Jewish district is located right in the center of the city.

Samarkand is the capital and a favorite city of one of the most renowned generals of world history. He wore a modest title of Emir (Prince), by the name of Timur. He fought from China to Egypt and, as Alexander the Great, did not know a single defeat. Being brutal and powerful, Timur put an end to Mongol yoke on his lands and turned domains in a rich empire. From the Timurids’ dynasty we inherited architectural masterpieces of Samarkand - luxury constructions of those times. There is another, no less significant legacy - ambitious scientific progress in the field of physics, mathematics and astronomy, which occurred during the reign of Mirzo Ulugbek. Ruler by birth, Ulugbek was a prominent scientist by vocation. Under his command a powerful observatory was built.

Uzbekistan – a country of a very special atmosphereYou will also visit interesting outskirts of Samarkand using a unique Uzbekistan tour. You will have a trip to the native city of Amir Timur – Shakhrisabz, where the great commander constructed a giant palace Ak-Saray in memory of himself. You can visit Urgut, where there is a plane grove, the age of which is more then one thousand years. 

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, is a relatively young city. Here you can see the life of modern Uzbek people, ride the subway and go to the bazaar. You will visit here Chorsu bazaar, Kukeldash madrassah, the center of artisans.

Uzbekistan – a country of a very special atmosphere Still Tashkent is the most comfortable and advanced city in Uzbekistan. It is felt in the grand building of major highways and in the area of culture and education.

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